Camp Nano is in three weeks!!


Why Deadlines Are Every Writer’s Secret Weapon



Happy Camp NaNoWriMo Launch Day! Camp is fresh out of the oven, with new features to spice things up. And to help you get ready for your July writing project, we’re excerpting No Plot? No Problem!, written by NaNoWriMo’s weird-and-wise founder himself: Chris Baty. Today, he explains the magic power of a writer’s deadline:

When I actually sat down to write my first novel back in 1999, I discovered that my ideas about novel writing were woefully mistaken. You don’t need a plot before you write a novel, nor do you need an evocative sense of place or a winsome, engaging cast. You don’t even need coffee (though I still haven’t allowed myself to fully come to terms with that yet). What you really need is a secret weapon.

You need a superpowered, diabolical device that will transform you into a bastion of literary accomplishment. And I’m happy to report that this implement is in the house, and it’s just waiting for you to pick it up.

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Theme music!

So, in light of realizing how crazy my other and main blog is, I changed the title to it and decided to make this my new, writing-stuff only blog.

To begin, I have one week left until the end of Camp Nano. And my muse shut down. OF ALL THINGS.

However, watching a lovely movie about a certain web-headed superhero helped me a bit. I plan on getting several thousand words today in an effort to catch up from 26k to 36k. 

"You can write anything you want to- a six act blank verse, symbolic tragedy or vulgar short, short story. Just so that you write it with honesty and gusto, and do not try to make somebody believe that you are smarter than you are. What’s the use? You can never be smarter than you are." ~Brenda Ueland 

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